The Diabetes Teaching Guide is property of Adalberto Aguero, RPh, Founder of The Healthy Diabetic, LLC and can not be copied, reproduced or altered and resold without prior written consent from Adalberto Aguero, RPh or the office of The Healthy Diabetic, LLC.

The purchased presentation is in PDF format to FREE distribution to staff and patients when used in conjunction with an in-house diabetes education course presented by the office which purchased the original Diabetes Teaching Guide.

In rare cases we may allow you to purchase the original Power Point slides so you can customize some of the details of the program to fit your needs however all Copyrights and authorship mentions must not be removed, added to or altered in any way by the purchaser.

If you feel you need the Power Point slides please contact our office for more details.

Adalberto Aguero, RPh
Founder of The Healthy Diabetic, LLC